We have now launched our new website, www.shulmans.co.uk. You can read more about it in this newsletter.

We are also delighted to tell you of our latest award, hot on the heels of winning both ‘Law Firm of the Year’ and ‘Managing Partner of the Year’ at the recent Yorkshire Legal Awards. Our Debt Recovery Team has now won the 2015 ‘Legal Team of the Year’ accolade at the prestigious national Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) British Credit Awards. Details of our debt recovery services and wider credit management services can be found on the new website. Feel free to browse the website for features that are relevant to you and your business.

Tim Halstead
Managing Partner, Shulmans LLP
Shulmans wins the ‘Legal Team of the Year’ award at the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) British Credit Awards
Our debt recovery team has won the ‘Legal Team of the Year' award at the prestigious 2015 Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) British Credit Awards.
Shulmans launches brighter, whiter new website
We have now launched our brand new website, which we hope you will enjoy using. We want our new site to be user-friendly and relevant both to our client organisations and to the individuals who work in them.
Worker may carry holiday forward if prevented for any reason from taking it
Workers prevented from taking holiday for a reason beyond their control may be able to carry forward their holiday, even if they have not specifically requested to, and even if the reason is not the worker's sickness.
Builders liable to flat owners under defective premises law despite no direct contractual relationship
Builders entitled to change the developer's specifications during a development have lost a defective premises claim against them by flat owners after their changes resulted in flats that were 'not fit for habitation'.
Court refuses to imply term requiring ex-director to return confidential documents and copies after termination of employment
Employers should ensure all contracts of employment require directors and employees to deliver up confidential documents on termination, after the High Court refused to imply such a term into a director's contract.
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Tenant’s exercise of break clause ineffective because conditions not met
Tenants planning to exercise break clauses must ensure they comply absolutely and precisely with any necessary conditions or risk the break being ineffective, a Scottish legal decision has confirmed.
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Directors who abrogate responsibility for key tasks liable to disqualification
Directors who delegated responsibility for key issues to non-directors without monitoring and reviewing the situation, were disqualified as unfit to be concerned in the management of their company, following a High Court ruling.
Government announces rule changes to benefit developers
An employer whose employee gave a customer reference without authority to do so has been held liable for losses caused to a third party because it was negligent.
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Agreement to buy shares was legally binding, despite failure to sign formal written document
Parties negotiating a contract should make it absolutely clear at all stages whether they have actually concluded their agreement, following a High Court decision.
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