Welcome to the latest edition of our Newsletter – this month the emphasis is very much on the news and it’s all good and exciting.  Not just for all of us here at Shulmans but hopefully for our clients also, who are very much the drivers of our success and, of course, the drivers of everything that we do – for example hiring new people to develop and deliver new and better services.

We have launched a new Planning and Environmental service to complement our existing range of services for our business clients; we have more ‘ranked’ lawyers than ever before in the highly regarded Chambers and Legal 500 Directories; the growth of the firm has helped us move up the UK 200 league table of the country’s top law firms….by 15 places!  All topped off by having won two of the region’s most prestigious law firm awards at the Yorkshire Legal Awards:
  • Law Firm of the Year, and
  • Managing Partner of the Year
So thank you to our team here at Shulmans and thank you to all our clients and those who recommend us to others – we will continue to develop both the range and quality of our services in response to the demands and preferences of our clients.

Tim Halstead
Managing Partner, Shulmans LLP
Very exciting times for Shulmans
The last few months have been very eventful! We have now fully settled into 10 Wellington Place following our move in the summer. If you haven’t yet visited us there, please do. It is one of the first new-build offices in central Leeds for over five years and provides us with first-class accommodation in an area that is set to be at the heart of the new business district of the city.
Law Firm of the Year and Managing Partner of the Year
We were thrilled to win two prestigious awards at the Yorkshire Legal Awards dinner at the Royal Armouries. We were named Law Firm of the Year in the 11 - 30 partners category and Tim Halstead was awarded the accolade of Managing Partner of the Year.
Long-established contractor can be 'worker' entitled to holiday pay
A business using sub-contractors over many years may find the sub-contractors are 'workers' entitled to holiday pay and other employment law rights. This may be the case even if the business is not obliged to offer them work, and the sub-contractors are not obliged to accept work, if they have integrated into the workforce.
Court’s approach to business lease renewal term clarified
Landlords and tenants asking for business lease renewals face more of a balancing exercise by the courts, meaning some tenants may end up with longer terms than they applied for, following a recent ruling.
Employers must factor in stupid behaviour by employees when carrying our risk assessments
An employer has been held liable for failing to take reasonably practicable steps to prevent risk when an employee's stupid behaviour while clearing a blockage in dangerous machinery with the guards off resulted in his arm being broken.
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Company making ‘groundless threat’ in patent dispute must pay compensation
Companies claiming their intellectual property rights have been infringed should beware what they say to the infringer, or third parties such as customers or distributors, as they may inadvertently make 'groundless' threats and have to pay compensation.
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UK design law changes come into force
Owners of existing UK and Community designs, and creators of new designs, should note changes to the laws governing UK registered and unregistered designs that came into force on 1 October 2014.
Employer liable for losses caused by unauthorised customer reference
An employer whose employee gave a customer reference without authority to do so has been held liable for losses caused to a third party because it was negligent.
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